How to Make Your Remodeling Project a Great One

You’ve thought about it, talked about it, envisioned it and now you’re finally ready to take the leap and talk to a remodeling professional about creating the home that reflects you and your lifestyle.

While hiring an experienced and reputable remodeler is critical, there are some things you can and should do to ensure the results you get are everything you hoped for.

#1 Do your homework

Keep a notebook. You’ve probably been thinking about this for a while and, if you’re like most people, you’ve got a list in your head of things you want. Now take that list and put it on paper. Keep a notebook of your thoughts, ideas, wishes and fantasies (Lap pool? Wine cellar? Four-car garage?) that you can refer to and share with your remodeler.

Define your style. How would you describe your style/lifestyle? Formal? Casual? Something in between? Artistic? Rustic? Do you spend a lot of time outside and would like to spend more? Try to describe who you are and how you want to live and then add it to your notebook.

Articulate your goals. Sounds simple, but maybe not. Do you want to expand your living space? Create more room for entertaining? Move more of your life outside (an outdoor living area, for example)? Have a separate playroom for your kids? Again, pull out the notebook and list your tangible goals for your remodeling project.

Refine your ideas. Get specific with features, looks, designs, even paint colors. Collect photos and articles to help your remodeler understand what you want and are envisioning. The more specific you can get the better. And then put all those things in your trusty notebook.

Develop a rough budget. Think about the amount of money you want to spend on your remodel project. While you can’t be expected to know what a remodel will actually cost, once you identify your budget, it will help you be more realistic about what you want versus what your investment will get you. (Say so long – or maybe hello! – to that wine cellar!)

Stay organized. We’ve come full circle back to the notebook. Keep everything in one place, so when you meet with a remodeler, you can show and tell them what you are thinking. Staying organized will help you organize your thoughts, as well.

#2 Trust your remodeler

Whoever you choose is going to be your partner in a significant investment in your home. You want someone you can work with and whose judgment you respect and trust. And while cost is not an insignificant factor, it’s not the most important one. So don’t try to “get a better deal” from your remodeler. Instead, trust that they will respect your budget and make the best choices in craftspeople, materials and design, to get you what you want.

#3 Research material and fixture choices

There is a whole world of choices – and prices – out there for everything from tile to toilets. Give yourself a crash course on what you like and what it costs. That way, there will be fewer surprises for you as you and your remodeler decide on the materials and features of your project.

#4 Let your team do its job

Once you hire a remodeler, you can stop worrying about details and deadlines. That’s why you hired a professional! A remodel is a lot like choreography; Your Production Manager will schedule subcontractors and make sure everything gets done in the order in which it needs to, when it needs to, the way it needs to. You can back away from the stress and let your team do the job they know how to do.

#5 Listen to your Production Manager

They’re your eyes and ears — but with the added bonus of years of experience in remodeling. So if they tell you that there is a problem, you can trust that there is indeed a problem. But you can also trust that they will offer you a solution, and perhaps multiple options for dealing with it. It may mean more money, but an investment today will save money down the road.

#6 Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!

If you have concerns, talk to your Production Manager. If you have changes you want to make, talk to your Production Manager (and as soon as possible!). If you are not happy with something you are seeing, talk to – well, you get the idea. Again, your Production Manager is your representative on the job site and has your best interests at the forefront. They know what’s going on at a level you don’t, so if you have issues, tell them and let them help you work through them. A renovation is an exciting journey to a great destination. If you do your due diligence, you will ensure the trip is as relaxed and rewarding as you could ever hope.


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